Self Care 2 – Digestive Discomforts


Unlock the Healing Power of Your Kitchen and Garden

Discover how to use food and herbs safely to treat everyday digestive ailments from heartburn to constipation and IBS. This is the second of 5 sessions in Living Medicine’s Self Care with Food & Herbs course.  We recommend taking the first Self Care 1 Basics session before any other, as this explains how plant/food medicine works.
Date: Thursday 15 March 2018
Time: 10am – 1pm
Location: Marlow, Bucks

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Unlock the healing power of your kitchen or garden!

The herbs and spices in your kitchen and growing in your garden are a fantastic natural pharmacy. Yet few realise the powerhouse of wellbeing in their cupboards or quietly sitting in their garden. This wonderful award winning workshop will help you understand the healing properties of plants and food.

Discover how to use food and herb safely to create resilience and treat everyday ailments.You’ll taste and identify herbs in the garden, learn about body/mind functions and basic plant therapeutics and make remedies from teas, creams and tinctures and foods.

This is the second of 5 sessions in Living Medicine’s Self Care with Food & Herbs course and forms the foundation for understanding how to use foods and herbs as medicine for the other four sessions.

During this 3-hour workshop:

  • You’ll learn simple, effective ways to treat every day digestive ailments with common garden plants and kitchen ingredients.
  • You’ll assess your own health and diet to enable small simple changes in your digestive and overall functions that could dramatically improve your wellbeing.
  • You’ll learn how to tweak your diet to help balance blood sugar levels for consistent energy through the day, instead of highs and lows.
  • You’ll learn how to identify herbs and useful plants in your garden.
  • You’ll leave the workshop with a clear understanding of how plants work to support the body and mind to maintain digestion, health and wellbeing.
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive handout of the principles and therapeutics of food and plants as medicine in digestive problems, along with recipes for a delicious basic pulse/grain dish and several digestive remedies.

DATE: Thursday 15 March 2018
TIME: 10am – 1pm
LOCATION: Marlow, Bucks